Krib Keeping Guide: How Many Kribs Can Go in a Tank?

Kribs are a very popular fish that even beginners can keep well. They do well in community fish tanks, adjust to harsh conditions, and remain playful all their lives. So, you may want more and more of them! If you have too many of them, you may overstock and suffocate … Read More

My Fish Has Its Mouth Wide Open – Do Fish Yawn?

You might have seen the fish in your tank opening their mouth wide open for a few seconds. It resembles a human yawn, but do fish actually yawn? What is yawning in the first place? No, fish cannot yawn. We cannot term the opening of the mouth as yawning. Then … Read More

Glofish Tank Size Chart / How Many Glofish Can Go In A Tank?

GloFish are fascinating fish with vivid colors. The fish were given a natural fluorescence gene, resulting in fish that are fluorescent at all times. GloFish are all captive-bred, and their fluorescent hue is a result of natural breeding.  Fireflies shimmer and flicker as they perform their mating dances, changing a … Read More

How Many Mollies Can Go In A Tank?

One of the most widely kept fish amongst the fish-keeping enthusiasts. They’re quite simple to look after, making them excellent for beginner fish owners. Mollies come in a variety of colors and are quite low-maintenance. Mollies come in various sizes and colors, but they all have the same compatibility, breeding, … Read More

3 Pet Stores That Let You Return Your Fish


When you bring a fish home from a pet store, you don’t bring it with an intention to return. But sometimes there may be incidents when the fish dies within a few days, falls sick or does not adjust to the environment. In such cases, you may want to return … Read More

Fish Tank Water Evaporation: Causes and Solutions


You go for a trip and leave your aquarium unattended for days. You come home and find the water level of your tank has gone down. The fish tank is losing water, but there’s no leak; what could be the possible reason?  Evaporation! Yes, that’s your fish tank water drying … Read More

Do Fish Grieve Or Get Sad When Other Fish Die?


It is a genuine concern among fish owners who often ask, do fish mourn the death of other fish? Well, there isn’t much evidence that links a fish’s depression with the death of its fellow mate. However, you may be surprised to learn that fish can get stressed and depressed … Read More

Can Fish Understand Human Language & Gestures?


We don’t live in some kind of fantasy Disney movie to believe all animals can understand human language. But we still chat with our pets, don’t we? If you’re a fish whisperer, then you may be interested in finding out if your fish can understand what you’ve been communicating with … Read More