Do Goldfish Eat Other Fish? Yes, And This Is Why

can a goldfish eat other fish?

Goldfishes are one of the most popular choices as a pet fish. If anyone has an aquarium, you can bet it will have a Goldfish in there. A question that lingers in everyone’s mind before bringing in any fish into a tank is how aggressive that fish will be. Many … Read More

4 Reasons Why Betta Fish Spits Food Out (+ How To Fix)


Betta fishes are one of the most popular choices among aquarists. The main reason is their breathtaking looks, their majestic swims, and obviously, the sense of relaxation one gets watching them swim. Perhaps you might want to look into some of the difficulties that come with being a fish parent … Read More

How Many Angelfish In A 10 to 75 Gallon Tank? Here’s A Guide


Angelfish are certainly one of the most beloved types of freshwater fish. Angelfish are schooling fish that require at least a 10-gallon aquarium tank. They are usually peaceful, but may nip the fins of other angelfish. Angelfish are also lovingly referred to as Angels in the fish community. Some people … Read More

Cichlid Tank Size Chart – How Many Cichlids Can I Put?


Cichlids are found in many areas of the world. They are popular pets for aquariums and they can be found in a large range of sizes. If you’re just like me and love to keep cichlids in your aquarium, you’ll need to know how to manage them. Although they are … Read More

Platy Tank Size Chart – How Many Platies Can I Put?

When I first thought about growing my pet platies, one of the main questions that instantly popped up in my head was the number of platies I could keep in a fish tank.  Experience has made me understand that while there are no definite answers for these questions, there are … Read More