Does Imagitarium Parasite Remedy Really Work?

If you own a community fish tank or maybe a fish tank with a lot of fish, you might have come across parasites invading the tank.

It is one of the most common problems faced by fish tank owners. Parasites can be very difficult to get rid of, but for a few universal solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will be reviewing the popular Imagitarium Parasite Remedy.

Does Imagitarium Parasite Remedy Really Work?

A lot of people ask us if this really works and the answer is yes, generally it does work to get rid of parasites. However, it must be noted that Imagitarium Parasite Remedy does not list out its ingredients on the bottle.

What is Imagitarium Parasite Remedy?

When parasites infest a tank, it can cause significant damage to the tank’s inhabitants. Things can go south pretty quickly as soon as parasites manage to get inside a tank.

Imagitarium Parasite Remedy is used for removing the parasites from the fish tank. 

This remedy is safe and effective for clearing cloudy water, removing fish diseases such as ICH, and fin rot.

Imagitarium Parasite Remedy is a viable alternative to synthetic chemicals. Since it is made up of natural oils, it is gentle on the fish.  So there’s no need to worry – it won’t harm any of the living components in the tank, including plants and other critters.

imagitarium parasite remedy

What Are The Ingredients In Imagitarium Parasite Remedy?

Unfortunately, there is no clear information about the individual ingredients in the Imagitarium Parasite Remedy. Its listing on Petco claims that it is made up of natural oils like Citrus, Tagets, and Neem.

What Is It Used for?

Imagitarium is a potent parasite prevention method which can be used to cleanse your aquarium of the harmful parasites. If you don’t treat parasites early enough, they can cause major problems for the fish which may include illnesses up to death.

Imagitarium Parasite Remedy is capable of acting on the following parasites:

1. ICH

ICH, also known as white spot disease, is a parasitic disease caused by the ciliated protozoan Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. It usually affects freshwater fish species. Infact, ICH is one of the most frequent infections in an aquarium.

They have the potential to cause significant injury and damage to their host’s health system. ICH is one of the few fish diseases that are visible to the naked eye. It causes fish to have tinted white patches on their fins and bodies.

Usually, the introduction of newly infected fishes is the reason behind ICH infestation. 

Fishes often rub themselves against gravel if they can infected with ICH.

2. Fish Flukes

Flukes are a group of parasitic worms that can infect aquarium fish.

Flukes are oviparous or egg-laying organisms with two sets of anchors on their backs. They use these anchors to latch onto a host’s gills, especially in freshwater fish like carp. They can also be found on the buccal cavity of affected fish and the fins and skin of freshwater fish.

How To Use Imagitarium Parasite Remedy?

Imagitarium Parasite Remedy is a liquid, so you can directly add it to the tank water. The dosage depends on the size of the tank – the general recommendation is one teaspoon for every ten gallons of tank water.

Depending on the severity of the disease, decide the number of days you will use it.

Some people also use more amounts than suggested because it is natural. However, you won’t start seeing the results immediately, so be patient. Overdosing is not the solution.

Benefits of Imagitarium Parasite Remedy

This remedy is very popular among aquarists due to its effectiveness and natural ingredients. Here is a list of some of the benefits:

  1. It is a natural cure for getting rid of pests.
  2. It is gentle on fish and is environmentally friendly.
  3. It does not change the pH, temperature, or hardness of the water in the fish tank.
  4. It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Would it harm plants in a tank?

    No, Imagitarium Parasite Remedy will not harm plants in a tank. It won’t damage the plants, or stop them from growing.

  2. Is is natural?

    Yes, it is natural. However, the exact details about the product’s ingredients are not available.

  3. Does it color water?

    No, it does not affect any water parameters. You can use it without being worried about the change in pH, temperature, or other contents.

  4. Where in the US is it available?

    It is available in local stores and also in online stores like Amazon and Petco.

  5. How long does it take to work?

    It takes about 5-6 days, depending upon the extent of damage caused by the parasite.

  6. Is it safe for reefs?

    No, it is not safe to use in a tank that has reefs.

  7. Is it safe for snails?

    Yes, it is safe for tanks that houses snails.

  8. Is it safe for shrimps?

    Yes, it can be safely used in tanks that have shrimps

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