Mosquito Fish vs Guppy Fish: Key Differences Explained

While searching for some great nano fishes for my tank, I came across mosquito fish and guppies. I was wondering whether they are the same fish with different names since they looked a bit similar. Later, I found out that they were different in a few ways. Let me share with you the differences between mosquito fish vs guppy fish.

Are Mosquito Fish and Guppies the Same?

No, mosquito fish and guppy fish are definitely not the same. Here’s a table comparing them:

Mosquito FishGuppy


Pale Yellow, Tan, Olive

Vivid Colors


M – 1.5 inches
F – 2.8 inches

M: 1.25 inches
F: 2.12 inches


~1.5 years

~2 years

Water Temperature

33F to room temperature

68-75 F

Mosquito fish are broken up into two species – Eastern Mosquito fish and Western Mosquito fish. This fish is a live-bearing fish that does well in almost all water conditions.

On the other hand, guppies are tiny tropical fish mostly found around coastal streams of northeastern South America. There are different types of guppies, such as fancy Guppy, Endler guppy, and swamp guppy.

Why Do People Get Confused Between Mosquito Fish and Guppies?

While guppies and mosquito fish are different fishes, a lot of people seem to get confused between them.

Guppies and Mosquito fish come from the same genus, Poecilia. This means they are related to swordtails, mollies, and platyfish.

Both guppies and mosquito fish are viviparous. This means that their eggs develop inside their bodies and then hatch into live free-swimming baby fishes.

Females of guppies and mosquito fish may look similar, but that is where the similarities end.

mosquito fish vs guppy

Can Mosquito Fish Live with Guppies?

While looking for nano fish to put in my small tank, I considered mixing guppies and mosquito fish. However, an experienced aquarium owner who I met told me not to do so since the two fishes have different social abilities.

Guppies are social fishes. They get along well with other small fishes as long as they don’t attempt to eat them.

Mosquito fish are not so social. They get along well with other mosquito fishes.

If you already have a fish tank with livebearers, it’s better if you add guppies rather than mosquitofish.

Do Guppies Eat Mosquito Fish?

No, they cannot since mosquito fish are aggressive.

YouTube video

Can Mosquito Fish and Guppies Interbreed?

A Mosquito fish-guppy hybrid is something that will never be proven and no one would ever recommend. They are unlikely to breed naturally, and if coupled, the fry might not develop fully.

The point is breeding them together is not as healthy as some might think. The guppy may even die due to the aggressiveness of the mosquito fish. Not only that, female mosquito fish are fry eaters.

Guppies and Mosquitos (The Blood Sucking Ones)

I read a recent news article that guppies may reduce the spread of the Zika virus. More power to them!

Guppies are valuable residents of whatever waterway, lake, or stream they have been acquainted with and occupy. They love eating mosquito larvae and eggs.

Their appetite for mosquito larvae and eggs is very desirable in aquariums, since guppies can control mosquito population.

Mosquito fish are used as biological control agents in water sources that can sustain mosquitos.

Mosquito Fish and Mosquitos (The Blood Sucking Ones)

Mosquito fish also like munching on mosquito larvae. They can also tolerate a variety of temperature conditions.

Unfortunately their aggressive behavior does not make them suitable tankmates.

Wrapping Up

Guppies and Mosquito fish are nano species sharing almost the same water and tank conditions. Though Guppies are sociable, Mosquito fish are not because of their aggressiveness.

If you are looking to add a fish to your tank that is both striking and schooling, then Fancy guppies are the way to go.