Do Fish Eat Sand? Yes, And Here’s Why

do fish eat sand

Are you a fish lover? Do you love watching fish swim in an aquarium? Then you must have noticed something natural yet weird about them. Do you know what I’m talking about? Let’s see. You would sometimes find sand substrate in a fish’s mouth when you organize your substrate to … Read More

Never Use Live Rock In A Freshwater Tank (+Alternatives)

can i use live rock in a freshwater tank?

If you’re someone who loves aquariums and want to keep one of your own, then you’ll find this article interesting. I love aquariums and have spent a lot of time researching everything about them. Now, the topic that I’d like to discuss is, can you use live rock in a … Read More

(Solved) How Many Neon Tetras Can Go In A Tank? +Tank Size Chart


Have you ever wanted to see plenty of fish in your aquarium? This feeling can be stronger, especially if your aquarium has extremely beautiful fish like neon tetras. These are tropical freshwater fish that are small and shiny.  Many fishkeepers consider neon tetras as one of the best fish pets … Read More

Do Bettas Eat Snails? Yes! Let’s Get To The Bottom Of It


Bettas eat snails and everything else that gets in the tank. Why? Because Bettas are natural carnivores and prefer a diet rich in protein. In nature, Bettas love to munch on insects as well as insect larva. So it is no surprise that your prized Betta would make every attempt … Read More

Why Is My Fish Swimming Up And Down Erratically? Explained!


Is your fish swimming like it’s drunk or possessed? Distressing, isn’t it? As a fish parent myself, I would notice that sometimes aquarium fish can behave quite dramatically. And it can be quite worrying to see your pets swimming around like they are writhing in pain or something similar. So … Read More

25 Fish/Critters That Can Eat Betta Food (& 2 That Don’t)


The Betta fish has vividly colored and intricately designed fins.  That is why Bettas are the most popular choices among aquarists. They are beautiful, and watching them truly acts like therapy.  Many of us doubt if they can feed the same food to their Betta as they do to other … Read More